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Trusted Rankings


Email with your full name, team name including association, gender, grade and level and we will reply with the access code.


Click on Submit Scores tab in Trusted Rankings 2019-20 below once you have been granted an access code. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions about our system of ranking teams.


For the 2019-20 Boys & Girls Travel Basketball Season, YBB Hoops in partnership with the Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS), will provide Trusted Rankings fueled by YBB Hoops for all grade level teams participating in MYAS programming. The Trusted Rankings will be hosted on our YBB Hoops Site.

For two years YBB Hoops has provided NOW Rankings for teams interested in being ranked during the travel basketball season. We will continue the NOW Rankings, but under the new name of Trusted Rankings for MYAS teams. In partnership with MYAS we are the official rankings service for travel basketball in Minnesota.

Welcome to the new version of Trusted Rankings. We are building the system and adding teams as they become a part of our system - please be patient as the process is ongoing.

If your team is listed incorrectly, at the wrong level or you see incorrect scores, duplicates or dates that are wrong please send an email to

Please respect the spirit and intent of these rankings by posting all scores of games played at your level. The more scores that get reported the more complete and accurate the system. 

Note: Teams need to have at least 15 games posted to get an accurate rating against their competition. The more games posted the better the accuracy of the process.

639 Teams are Now ranked!

Did You Know?

839 Boys & 519 Girls Travel Teams for a total of 1,358 teams are listed in our Rankings. If you are not using our free service and want to join let us know  at