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Ranking/Scoring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are Frequently Asked Questions about the Scoring and Ranking system. If at anytime you have a question please contact us at

How do I set up my team name in the system?
In an effort to help properly identify teams, we will be using the following format for naming teams. When setting up your team in the Trusted Rankings platform, please use the following format.

Team Name, Gender Initial, Grade, Level and if needed color.

-Fridley B7B (Fridley Boys 7th Grade B Team)
-Farmington G8A (Farmington Girls 8th Grade A Team)
-Eagan B7BBlue (Eagan Boys 7th Grade B Blue Team)
-Wayzata Gold G7C (Wayzata Gold Girls 7th C Team (have 2 Teams at this level)

If it is not set up correctly the system administrator will contact you via email for more information so it gets in the system correctly for correct use.

What if we have more than one team at a level?
You would need to add a color or coaches name to the main body of your team name and insure its identified on all tournament entries. Examples are listed below:

Irondale Boys 6th grade has 2 B level teams:

Irondale Blanck B6B OR Irondale B6B Black
IrondaleWilson B6B OR Irondale B6B Gold

Can anyone be a scorer?
Yes, all you need to do is supply your First and Last name and a valid email address to begin entering scores.  Send request to NOTE: Please be sure to check the “scores” tab of every team you score for prior to entering scores to avoid duplication.

Also, if you are trying to post a score and your opponent is not listed please contact us and we will add that team to your level. However, we will need to know who you are scoring for, at what level you are scoring, and what the proper name is for the opponent that needs to be added.

What if I get an error message when I score?
It is likely that you are entering your scores via Internet Explorer.  We have tried several things to fix this bug and cannot fix it at this time.  Choose a different browser or simply login as requested to input scores.

Why aren’t teams from Out of State in your Ranking System?
Our Trusted Rankings (was Now Rankings™)  formula is built exclusively for teams that will play a minimum of 20 games against other teams in Minnesota.  Because our formula is based in winning percentages of your opponents and their opponents, we have found that including Out of State teams hurts Minnesota teams profoundly more than it helps.

What is your formula for ranking teams?
Our Trusted Rankings (was Now Rankings™) system is a combination of a team’s winning percentage, their opponent’s winning percentage, their opponent’s opponents winning percentage, average points differential, and how recent the games were played (i.e. games in November weigh less in February than the games played in February).

What do the rankings headings stand for?

APD - Average Points Differential 
SOS - Strength of Schedule
RATING - Overall rating against other teams at your level

Do you count scores for team vs other levels, like B vs A teams?
No. The Trusting Ranking System only accounts for the competitive level you normally play at.  Please don’t add scores for an association’s A team games played against B teams. Teams will need to make sure they know what level team they are playing before reporting scores.

What if I notice an error in the scores?
If you see an error in any team’s scoring, please report it to us as soon as possible at Please note: IT MAY TAKE UP TO 1 WEEK TO TO PROCESS AN ERROR REQUEST (sometimes sooner) as we are dealing with more than 1,000 teams annually.


There are more than 1,600  boys & girls teams playing traveling basketball in Minnesota in 2019-20 at grades 3 - 8.